Cisco Certifications Community Spring Event

Đăng bởi: TDSouth 05/03/2021 Event

As a trusted partner of Cisco, TDSouth was invited to attend an online seminar on March 4, 2021 organized by Cisco with speakers who are leading personnel in transmission technology, system security. system and network security.

The seminar was attended by Stefanie Garraffa – Communications Manager in charge of Cisco’s learning and certification. Anna Rubin – Exam Development Director and Joe Clarke – Outstanding Engineer.

Stefanie Garraffa – Communications Manager in charge of Cisco’s learning and certification

Anna Rubin – Exam Development Director

Joe Clarke – Excellent engineer.

The focus of the seminar was a brief summary of the past year and revolves around changes and additions on how to obtain certificates from Cisco, certificate re-activation options, benefits join the Cisco learning system, as well as the value of the Cisco Certification to your industry and career. Attending the seminar were Steve DiPippo, Cisco’s Solution Architect, who shared interestingly about personal learning paths as well as a reasonable direction to quickly master the 5G technology that has developed in many country.

Steve DiPippo, Cisco’s Solution Architect

Also included is Jenny Guay, Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst. by EDC, otherwise known as “Jenny from SOC.” . Jenny shared with you her journey through her certification and how it has helped her achieve success in her work.

Here are some pictures of the seminar:

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