Service Providers and IT Infrastructure

With a team of experienced technicians, professional operating procedures, TDSouth is providing many services and IT infrastructure such as:

  • Warranty service, system maintenance
  • Design and construction of M&ESystem, Network Infrastructure and Data Center
  • Outsourcing Services: IT Helpdesk, Opeartion

Customers have used the service:

  • IT Helpdesk: AIA, WallStreet, Dow Mechical, Mead Johnson
  • IT Operation: Big-C và Central-Group
  • Construction services Data Center: IBM Việt Nam
  • Relocation (Data Center): AIA, FWD, Phu Hung Life, Saigon Co.op, Big-C, Loc Troi, Sunlife
  • Cabling: Factory system of CP, Big C supermarket


Consulting, designing, deploying, installing LAN system is one of key services of TDSouth. We have much experience in deploying Internal Network, Wide Network, Communication Network based on optical fiber, providing services for deploying Lan and Wan, Industrial Communication network, multi –function communication network.

Services include:

  • Design, supervise, deploy, install Lan, Wan systems.
  • Provide services for maintaining communication network systems.
  • Provide services for measuring, testing to determine the errors of telecommunication network.
  • Consult, transfer technology for deploying and tracking network.
  • Consult for installing network system.

In addition, we are also the Deployment Service Provider for all infrastructure of Data center such as:

  • Power and M&E System, UPS
  • CCTV System, Access Control
  • Fire Alarm System (FM 200, Pyrogen…)
  • Precision Air Conditioner System (CRAC, Inrow…)
  • Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems


With the Professional and Experienced Technical staff, we are one of Companies which provides the best warranty service in Vietnam. The Warranty Services include:

  • Onsite service: Providing service in the Customer’s office.
  • Depot Service: Providing service in the warranty center.
  • Part Upgrade: Upgrading parts according to the customer’s requirements.
  • Part Repair: Fixing the damaged parts.
  • Software Recovery: Recovering Operation System, Licensed Soft.

Besides, TDSouth also provides other services such as: installing, warranting, maintaning server, pc, laptop, scanner, printer, tape backup…


IT Services:

Provides turn-key solutions for IT infrastructure (Server, Storage, Network, Database, Middleware, ITSM, …), full integration from design – configuration – testing – application optimization to premium service packages as performance tuning, data center relocation, application upgrade/migration …

IT Outsourcing:

Services are supported day and night (24/7) by system operators. With bug fixes and performance enhancements, customers can rest assured that your important applications are professionally managed in a secure environment.


Nowadays, Bid Consultancy Service is more and more interested and used by investors in order to ensure that the process of selecting contractor is according to the law in force, save time and bring the high economic effect, popular in fields: consulting for setting up Bid Documents, evaluating tender documents.

With the professional specialists, TDSouth is proud of being the prestigious provider  in providing bid consultancy services, having professional operations and ensuring to meet the strict requirements of custom

Consultancy Services include:

  • Consult for setting up the investment plan (how to choose a contractor)
  • Build Bid Documents, required documents…
  • Evaluate and select the Bidder
  • Appraise bid documents
  • Appraise the result of bidder selection
  • Set up and appraise the estimate
  • Consult to solve the circumstances in bidding